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High-End Bathroom Remodel Excelsior

High-End Bathroom Remodel Excelsior

If you do not yet have an additional bathroom in your home and you are thinking of carrying out a modern bathroom remodeling project, it is best to seek the advice of a professional who will help you study the best place to carry out the work: the hallway, under the staircase, a closet, etc. Subsequently, luxury bathroom contractors will prepare the floor and walls and have an expert plumber who will install pressure and drainage. The tiles, toilet, and sink will be installed. Once these tasks are done, an electrician will turn to install the lighting: light bulbs, sockets, extractors (if necessary). Finally, you will need the door, which a carpenter can manufacture, so you will have the option to customize your design or buy it in series.

The luxury bath system’s cost is variable because it will depend on the measurements of the space, the fees of the professionals who carry out the work, the reforms they have to carry out, and the type of finishes that are to your liking. We can assure you that an additional bathroom in the house guarantees comfort for the guests and the family since they will not have to go to the private rooms, which guarantees better performance, besides increasing the cost of your property. Undoubtedly, a worthwhile investment.

If you already have an average bathroom at home and want to renovate it with the help of a team of professional bathroom remodelers, the average costs are as follows:

If you are going to change the tiles: you will find styles ranging from $139 per m2 to $359 per m2 if they have texture. It will depend on the material and the finish you are looking for.

Sink: following the recommendations we have given above, a small modern sink can go from $945 to $1,500. In addition, you will have to consider the faucets that can cost from $300 to $5,000 if they are electronic faucets.

Toilet: a small toilet with a modern design can cost $1800.

Paint: if you want to change the paint, a gallon can cost an average of $1,500. It will depend on the finish you want to give to the aesthetics of the bathroom.

In general, this is what luxurious bathroom makeovers projects and budgets look like. The main difference between remodeling your half bath this way and doing it on your own or with a much smaller budget is that the way we have just described the process, you can be sure you will get the results you want. People often have a misconception about the work, the level of detail, and the amount of expertise it takes to remodel a half bath property. That lack of knowledge, mixed with a misconception of “cost savings,” can end up costing a lot of money in the medium or long term when maintenance has to be done more and more often because the remodeling was done with low standards. If you want to know more about having the half bath that best suits your needs, you can contact us without hesitation.

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