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Bathroom Tile Installer Twin Cities

Bathroom Tile Installer Twin Cities

Remodeling even the smallest detail of your home can be a big decision in most cases. After all, we’re talking about the place where you and your family spend the most time, so it’s natural for any homeowner to be cautious about making changes. Having said that, it’s also true that it’s more than common for homeowners to constantly think about remodeling their homes. After all, we all like to adapt things to our liking and have the best possible quality at all times.
In our more than 15 years of experience as luxury bathroom contractors, we have noticed that the most common reason people don’t remodel their homes anymore is that they are uncertain about the result they can get. But that disappears when you hire the right team of bathroom remodelers to turn your vision into a reality. At DRP Remodeling, we help people do just that. We are a team of contractors who specialize in completing the most luxurious remodeling projects you can think of, and we do it with the care and values that characterize a family-owned business.

The values that define our work when embarking on a modern bathroom remodeling project are:

  • Family-owned
  • Local
  • Honesty
  • Relationships

Those values, along with our services, are what have helped make us one of the premier references in Twin Cities, Minnesota, when it comes to luxurious bathroom makeovers. With over fifteen years of experience and over 160 projects completed, our team of professionals has developed a repeatable process that gives us predictable results, which means our clients can rest easy while we take care of the entire process. Our work is divided into four steps that allow us to tackle any project, no matter how ambitious it is.

Let’s take a look at the steps of our process:


It all starts by gathering the necessary information about the project through different methods, both online and in person. Having the information beforehand allows us to elaborate on the best action plan to optimize your time and money.


After gathering the necessary information, we produce a budget and a clear timeline that allows you to know the scope of your remodeling project and how long it is likely to take to complete it.


As in all remodeling, once you start, the first thing you must do is to remove what was there before. This includes furniture, china, and materials.


After having gone through the three previous steps in an orderly fashion, we can have the confidence and information necessary to formally start with the remodeling of your space.

The advantage of doing our work with this process is that we don’t have to improvise on the fly, which usually leads to abrupt changes in the budget that later generates degradation in the client’s relationship. Our commitment to our clients and the quality of the relationship we try to build with them is what has made us one of the best teams to remodel bathrooms with luxurious finishes.

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