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Bathroom Remodel Excelsior

Bathroom Remodel Excelsior

A bathroom remodels is a home improvement project that can drastically enhance the feel and look of your home. Planning a bathroom remodel is an interesting experience. From picking your new shower tiles and bathroom tiles to replacing the old vanity and finding the right light fixtures that tie it all together, it is no surprise that bathroom remodels are one of the most important home improvement projects. If you are looking for some bathroom remodel ideas, here are some to consider.

Upgrade Your Toilet

While the standard toilet gets the job done, luxurious bathroom makeovers are the perfect time to switch out the basics. One of the most obvious choices is the addition of the bidet. Besides, you don’t have to stop there – modern toilets do now come with automatic flushing, heated seats, self-cleaning, and smart technology designs.

Warm and Neutral Color Schemes

Colors have been known to evoke emotions. Colors like yellow, orange, and red can evoke feelings of energy, anxiety, and anger and. On the other hand, warm and neutral colors like white, gray, and beige evoke feelings of health, cleanliness, and serenity. You can turn your bathroom into a happy place by using the right color during your modern bathroom remodeling project. Besides, neutral colors are an amazing way to highlight the statement pieces in your bathroom that you want to showcase. Whether you select your bathroom paint colors for the feel or look, ensure to add warm neural colors to your bathroom ideas list.

Upgrade Your Faucet

If your bathroom has an old faucet, it is time to upgrade. Some bathroom remodelers believe that a bathroom remodel project is not complete without a new countertop, mirror, and a new sink. But this is not necessarily true. While the ultimate dream bathroom remodels would include all these items and more, they can be expensive. Depending on the condition and style of your existing vanity, mounting a new faucet can make all the difference.

Prioritize Lighting

If the only lighting in your bathroom is the one above your vanity, your personal grooming routine will probably be affected. While vanity lighting is essential, you will enjoy your bathroom more if that is not the only one you have. You may want to add ambient lighting fixtures or install a few accent lightings. You can also mount shower lighting.

Floating Vanities

No luxury bathroom remodeling project is complete without upgrading the vanity. With this, you may want to consider the floating vanity. This doesn’t only offer a solution for space-saving storage by taking the base offer the ground; they are also available in a variety of sizes, configurations, and styles to match any bathroom design and space. In addition, it makes it easy to clean your bathroom floors without the stress of working your cleaning around the heavy vanity baseboards or legs.

Bathroom Remodel Excelsior

If you are looking for luxury bathroom contractors in Excelsior, DRP Remodeling got you covered. No matter what your bathroom remodel dream looks like, we have the experience and inspiration to make your ideas come to life. For more details about Bathroom Remodel Excelsior, contact DRP Remodeling.

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