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Adding Half Bath Plymouth

Adding Half Bath Plymouth

The half bath, also known as the guest bathroom, has an important role in the design of the house, as it offers certain amenities for visitors and the family. These bathrooms are composed of the toilet and sink, as they lack showers or tubs, are usually of less use in homes, so they can be a little forgotten, neglecting its decoration and hygiene. The half bath has, in most cases, small dimensions, which in many cases is a somewhat complex design and decoration. Today we will give you useful tips to work with bathroom remodelers and take the half bathroom of your home to a higher level of luxury so that the experience of using it is pleasant for you and your visitors.

The design of a half bath: advantages and features

If you want to carry out a modern half bathroom remodel, you must first know that the half bath is small, so choosing the bathroom fixtures proportional to the available space is very important. One of the advantages of a half bath is that the design of the furniture, such as the sink, has innovative pieces, with a great variety of styles and geometries, perfect to add a decorative touch to the space, since it is not possible (nor should it be) to place many accessories. You will surely have seen in many luxurious bathroom makeovers the use of suspended furniture, which is an excellent alternative since, in addition to making the most of the space, it will help create a feeling of greater amplitude. This type of bathroom is usually located in the hallway of the house or under the stairs, depending on the distribution and installation of water outlets. The ideal is that the half bath maintains the same decorative style that predominates in the rest of the home. For a small bathroom, the idea is to give it a style characterized by the use of pure lines and light colors and that does not allow excesses.

A small half-bathroom: suitable measurements and furniture

There are international standards of the residential code to design a bathroom, which indicate the minimum separation within this room. Therefore, it is very important to have luxury bathroom contractors who know how to advise you properly. In its smallest dimensions, an average bathroom cannot measure less than 76 cm wide by 1.32 m long, which is equivalent to 3 m2. We cannot forget about the door, which will have to open outwards and have an average height of 1.90 m. The suspended sanitary furniture is the best alternative to design a half-small bathroom. It will help make efficient use of the space and give the feeling of greater amplitude, creating a more visible space.

How to decorate a half bathroom?

To decorate a half bathroom, it is necessary to use materials and colors that help us create the feeling of greater amplitude and also help us create a comfortable environment. Using light colors for the tiles is one of the best options; you can choose two colors or use gradients. With this, you will add a decorative touch, but you will avoid the use of accessories. LED lighting can help you create a brighter space. Place the sanitary furniture according to the dimensions of the bathroom, mentioned above and as far as possible, they should be white. In this bathroom, you can never be without toilet paper, a small wastebasket, clean towels, and hand soap.

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