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5 Ideas to Make Your Bathroom Feel Bigger

The bathroom space can sometimes feel small and claustrophobic. Here are 5 great tips that we use to make your bathroom feel bigger:

  1.  Mirror On The Wall. Rather than just hanging a mirror above the vanity, consider mirrored walls in your tiny bathroom. The reflection of light and pattern (and sometimes that open door) will do as much good work for you!
  2. Choose a Glass Shower Door. ​​For those who are starting from scratch, I recommend forgetting the curtain. Amenities such as these make for an unforgettable experience and give your bathroom that extra something special!
  3. Backlight The Mirror. The latest trend in bath mirrors is backlit. Backlit, or LED framed mirror with special features that make any small space feel much bigger and more elegant than a regular old piece of glass would be!
  4.  Extend Bathroom Tile Into The Shower. An unbroken line can make any space seem larger. To create this effect in your bathroom, install the same tile on both floor and shower tiles to give an entire room depth that is not present otherwise.
  5. Get Your Cabinets In Order. The best way to keep your bathroom organized is by compartmentalizing it. You can use large baskets for hair dryers, flat irons, and brushes; while smaller trays are perfect for holding makeup products or other small items you may need during daily living like toothpaste!

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