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The Ultimate Guide to Remodeling a Half-Bath

A bathroom remodel is a great way to give your home that extra something. When you’re looking for the perfect project, there’s no denying how much more expensive and time-consuming it can be than other house projects such as painting or insulating; but if done right with just enough research into materials beforehand (and having good contractors), then we guarantee any half bath will shine like gold!

There are many things which need consideration when going through this type of renovation: firstly what kind of products do I want? What about lighting fixtures–should those lights hang over our countertop instead of near an island sink large mirror?), etcetera.

The first step in remodeling a half-bath is to come up with a plan. Is the problem you’re trying to solve cosmetic or functional? Are looking for ways more storage, an energy-efficient bathroom that benefits from new tile and fixtures installed along with improving its functionality by installing better lighting if it has layout issues as well size limitations then maybe it’s time to consider having full renovation done on your house which will give everyone what they want out of these bathrooms!

The next phase of remodeling is usually demolition. This may be as simple or complicated as removing fixtures, tearing down old walls and floor joists to their foundation; it all depends on how far you want your project gone!

After the demolition process is complete, roughing-in will be done. Structural framing work and plumbing/electrical devices are installed during this time while drywall goes in once all inspections have passed successfully!

What’s next on the list? Flooring, of course! Some people might say ceramic tile is prohibitively expensive and not worth it considering that water can damage it. But there are other options for you with more economical prices but still having a luxurious look like luxury vinyl plank or even natural stone if that’s what suits your style best.

I personally prefer looking at something eye-catching rather than plain when making my living space because who doesn’t want some color added into their life right?

A bathroom is often a personal space that should be designed with function in mind. In small bathrooms, design can be important for the storage and flow of the room which means open shelves or rounded corner vanities are perfect fixtures to save on precious countertop real estate while offering more than enough functionality as well! If you need some extra workspace consider extending your vanity over where there’s already plumbing so we’ll have plenty left over when it comes time to do some soap carving work during our morning routine – sounds like fun doesn’t it?

The final step in a bathroom remodel is to hook up the fixtures. Once these are installed and inspected, you’ll have yourself an all-done project!

Do you want to remodel your bathroom? Or maybe enhance it with a new design and style that will meet every need from kitchen renovation, to home construction. Then look no further than DRP Remodeling! We have been performing custom projects since 2005 in the Twin Cities area– 15+ years of experience gives us the knowledge needed for success at any project size or scope imaginable. Give our team call 612-598-7129 now if this sounds like something up your alley!”

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